FVF Visits Brooklyn Photographer Henry Hargreaves

Mike Longver
FVF Visits Brooklyn Photographer Henry Hargreaves

New Zealander Henry Hargreaves is the latest to receive a visit from our friends at Berlin-based Freunde Von Freunden. Currently living in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Hargreaves began his career as a model and like many others in the industry, he quickly made a move to the other side of the camera. Taking an unusual route, his focus is food, using familiar objects to tell weird and wonderful stories. From deep-frying iPhones to remaking the Louvre in gingerbread and liquorice, Hargreaves comments “I like showing people everyday things in ways that might surprise them.”

Although his work leans toward the humorous, it was his most sombre project that pushed him into the spotlight. “No Seconds” took the last meals of death row inmates as its subject; ranging from a single olive with stone to a bucket of KFC, each order is listed next to its recepients crime. Currently working on less grim projects, he recently started a blog, the self-explanatory Coffee Cups of the World, a simple yet effective proposition. Here we get a look at some unseen shots and the best of the rest as FVF explores Hargreaves’s home and studio.

Read and see more over at Freunde Von Freunden.

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