Ehinger Kraftrad: Pendleton Panhead

Ehinger Kraftrad: Pendleton Panhead

“Why not have a motorbike as a fashion accessory? It’s faster than a bag, louder than shoes and gets attention on any red carpet. But this is the Ehinger motorcycle – our accessory is no short-lived, gimmicky fashion item. It’s a Harley Davidson Panhead in a Pendleton outfit.

Pendleton Woolen Mills is one of the biggest brands in the USA and its history stretches back as far as 1863. The company started out as a manufacturer of blankets for Native Americans – traces of which are still visible in the products today. What really did it for us was the Chief Joseph pattern in black. So Uwe Ehinger went ahead and made a Panhead using this design, visible on the handmade saddle and rear-wheel cover, which display the pattern over a large area.



The pattern honours Chief Joseph, a chief of the Nez Percé tribe. He led his people in a long, heroic struggle against forced relocation to a reservation. Only a harsh winter succeeded in defeating the Nez Percé. Since 1920, Pendleton has honoured this great chieftain with a design full of traditional characteristics and symbols of pride, bravery and strength. This also rounds out the design of this new Ehinger motorcycle: powerful, brave and tradition-conscious – the Pendleton Pinhead.

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