Willy + Wade Handmade Leathers Goods

Mike Longver
Willy + Wade Handmade Leathers Goods

Willy + Wade certainly isn’t the first and only brand of handmade leather men’s accessories available on the market, but they’re one of the best. With a brand that speaks to the adventurous spirit in all of us, Willy + Wade is bringing to market hardy, durable leather accessories for men that hold up to all kinds of travel, exploration, and an active lifestyle. This durability is important because it supports what the brand stands for, which is a sense of freedom and adventure. Their current product line includes belts, single wrap bracelets, watch bands, wallets, card carriers, and a range of men’s apparel.

What sets Willy + Wade apart from other handmade leather retail brands is their focus on durability, hand-crafted quality, and a signature look that says up front that real human hands went to work to bring you the product that goes wherever you go. Using vegetable tanned leather, they cut and stitch their works together in a workshop just outside of Columbus, Ohio.

Owner Brett Jolliff works with a small team of skilled craftsmen with a passion for the rich, earthy texture and signature smell of high quality leather. The team seeks out the best material purveyors and runs each piece of leather through a rigorous testing process. “Something that belongs in your pocket or on your wrist deserves all that special attention,” says Jolliff. “We build it to last.”

When it comes to handmade leather goods for a rugged, self-reliant individual, the team at Willy + Wade puts care and consideration into every stitch. For questions about their products, check them out on the web at Willy + Wade.


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