Whiskey Grade

Posted by Mike Longver

We just dropped our latest collaboration with LHN Jewelry. The collection consists of an ID bracelet, a chain key ring and a lapel pin.

Our Swallow ID Bracelet is a classic piece, which comes similar in silhouette to those issued in WWII and commonly worn by GI's upon their return from war. It was typical to have engravings of names and places on these mementos. The Swallow is a classic motif of this time period and is engraved on the solid brass ID Bracelet.

The Chain Key Ring & Hook is also made with solid brass and measurs 20’ in length. It attaches to the trouser or jean belt loop with the key ring going in the back pocket. There is a diamond shaped insert plaque in the chain that reads “New York City”, alongside the maker’s initials. On the opposite side is a Navajo inspired design.

The Lapel Pin also features a similar Navajo inspired design detail around the gemstone. The pin is available in two styles, one made from sterling silver with a carnelian gemstone and the other made from solid brass with an onyx gemstone.

Made in New York City for work, leisure & sport.


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